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Forge Functional Classes

Pure functional training – this is the heart of Forge Training! Every daily workout is different and is designed for full body movement. Each workout is an hour and has the same elements – a warm-up/preparation, skill or strength training, a heat, and a cooling/stretching. Lots of movement using body weight, kettlebells, wallballs, rings….foundational Olympic lifting…agility training…sled pushing…etc! Every workout can be modified to suit each participant. Best way to understand Forge Training is to come a try a FREE TRIAL CLASS!


Speed & Agility Classes

The focus of these classes is to build pure speed and stamina designed to make you a more complete athlete. Each workout is an hour and includes things like suicide sprints, ladder runs, box jumps, lateral running, obstacle courses, etc. Sometimes we get creative and add elements like ball throws! These high intensity workouts are a perfect complement to our Forge Functional Classes. 


Open Gym

Members are welcome to come in to workout on their own or with other members! You have the option to do the Workout of the Day which will be posted on the whiteboard – or to work on your own goals. A coach will always be present for some assistance and questions, but this is less directive time. 

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